Part 3: Knowledge

* Final section of the application

Name *
I know how to prep a house prior to painting. *
I understand painting terminology. *
I have been told I am a detailed person. *
I know how to operate a paint sprayer. *
I can solve most paint related problems. *
I find myself giving up on tasks when things go bad. *
I consider myself to be an excellent painter. *
I have been told I am hard working. *
I know how to brush and roll walls. *
I know how to safely use an extension ladder. *
I consider myself a handyman. *
I am able to lift 50 lbs or more. *
I consider myself to be physically able to perform tasks for painting. *
I can use both hand and power tools. *
I am a person of integrity. *
I can do carpentry work. *
I show up on time. *
I am reliable to get work completed. *
I am careful with other peoples property. *