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What Painting Services Do You Offer?



Your building’s exterior suffers more wear and tear from the rain, wind, sun and snow. A quality exterior paint job seals and protects your home from moisture and mildew which will save you money in the long run.

  • Wood, brick, stucco, and all types of siding

  • Sheds, barns, garages, and guest houses

  • Decks and fences

  • Pergolas and patio covers

  • Doors, shutters and window trim



Interior house painting is one of the best ways to create a fresh new look, adding value and beauty to your home. Having interior painting done by a professional is the best way to make sure your home project is done right.

  • Walls

  • Ceiling

  • Trim

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Baseboards

  • Crown molding


Multi-Family Homes

Initial job site walk around to inspect all abnormalities around your property such as rotting wood, graffiti, unknown pipes and wires, previous paint job overspray, messy caulking, broken windows, and dented downspouts or gutters to name a few.

  • Town homes

  • Apartments

  • Condos

  • Dorms

  • Duplexes



You have our commitment to being the best commercial paint contractor in the industry. If you have small to medium sized commercial painting projects, either interior or exterior, request an estimate.

  • Office buildings

  • Restaurants

  • Stores

  • Commercial exterior

  • Home Owners Associations

  • Community fences


What Are The Common Problems?

Most homeowners are unaware of how vital paint is in protecting your home, saving you future costs, and increasing your home's value.


How much is waiting another year to paint costing you? How much of your home's exterior siding, trim, and doors is losing its life faster because it’s not protected? How many unforeseen problems could be prevented by a quality paint job? How much extra money are you willing to spend on avoidable problems? Choosing to wait another year may be costing you a great deal.






Nail Holes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Peeling Underneath Siding                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Dents and Cracks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Previous Patchwork


Moisture sits and breaks down the paint. Once it's peeling off, moisture gets into the wood which leads to rotting boards that will need to be replaced which will cost more.  

Sun beats down on the paint which breaks down the resin in the paint. This causes the side to lose its protection and can lead to boards beginning to warp which will need replacement.

Temperature change causes the house to move which cracks the caulking allowing moisture into the wood. Moisture gets in the crack and runs down the back of the board where it is unprotected. This leads to the board warping and needing replacement.

Moisture sits in the small nail hole, and the siding around that area will begin to swell. It's like when you get a notebook wet – the pages get wrinkly and swell up.   

One side doesn't get as much sun so moisture stays there longer. It breaks the paint down underneath the siding boards causing it to swell up. It can quickly lead to rotting boards which allows the moisture in the wood.

Kids, dogs, and a million other things can put small dents in walls and when pictures or other things are taken off, the wall can oftentimes reveal cracks or dents.

Homeowners or handyman may have attempted to patch a hole or crack and now there is flat but not textured putty or other substance.                                                                                     


Scraping to remove bad paint; sanding creates surface area and roughs the side for a better bond. Primer protects better than paint, and also adheres better to wood.

Power wash to get the chipping paint off the house. Using liquid vinyl paint, we apply a thick coat to protect it from the sun. We recommend a second coat or a coat of primer for fading sides.

Re-caulking the crack using a higher quality caulking will stop the moisture. Higher quality caulking means it will flex with the house and not crack. Plus, it will save you on your HVAC bills. You won't need to worry about moisture getting behind these boards.  

Caulk the nail holes. Fill them with caulking so no more moisture will sit in those holes. This will keep moisture running down the side of the house and not in the nail holes.

Sand down the peeling siding to create an even surface. Then prime it to reseal the siding. When we paint, we make sure to spray the bottom of the boards to make sure this doesn't happen in the future. 

Run a line of caulk down the seam of the crack. Spread a small dab of putty on the dents to smooth over, lightly sand and texture if possible then repaint the wall.

Light sand to give appearance of texture or there are spray cans of texture. It is impossible for new texture to match previous texture 100% unless you install new drywall.


Isn’t it better to spend a little more now, instead of a lot more later?


What Are My Next Steps Once We Begin?


Choose YOUR Colors

Once you approve the estimate, you will now choose your colors for your project.


PreP and Paint

Once our paint day is scheduled, our painters will get to work with preparation and painting.


Final Walk Around

As soon as we are close to the finish line, we will complete a final walk around to touch up any loose ends.



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